9/5 Course Overview & Introduction, Pintos Introduction Session Ch. 1 Syllabus, Pintos Documentation
9/12 Operating System Structures, Project 1 - Threads Session Ch. 2 Group Assignments Complete
9/19 Processes Ch. 3  
9/26 Threads Ch. 4  
10/3 Process Synchronization Ch. 5  
10/10 CPU Scheduling Ch. 6 Project 1 - Threads Due
10/17 Project 2 - User Programs Session   Midterm Exam (online)
10/24 Main Memory Ch. 7  
10/31 Virtual Memory Ch. 8  
11/7 Mass Storage Systems Ch. 9  
11/14 Project 3 - Virtual Memory Session   Project 2 - User Programs Due
11/21 Thanksgiving Break    
11/28 File System Interface & Implementation Ch. 10 & 11  
12/5 I/O Systems Ch. 12  
12/12 Protection & Security Ch. 13 & 14  
12/19     Project 3 - Virtual Memory Due, Project 4 - Filesystems Due (graduate only), Final Exam (online)

Please refer to the Syllabus for more details on the course, grading, schedule, etc.. This page is meant only as a summary and quick-reference.

Course Matierials

  • COS 450 Operating Systems

    The course follows a bottom up construction of a general-purpose operating system beginning with the hardware interface and ending with the user interface. Specific topics covered include concurrent processes, process management, I/O, virtual memory, file management, resource scheduling, and performance measurement. Students are assumed to be familiar with general machine architecture, functions of system software (compilers, loaders, editors, etc.), data structures, and to have some experience with UNIX or another multiprogramming operating system.

    The class is dual-listed as an undergraduate (COS 450) and graduate course (COS 550); graduate students will have additional reading and must prepare a presentation for the class (see below).

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